Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just a little talk with Jesus....

Hey Friends,

Have you ever gone to Jesus like our good friend, Humpty? After so many times of trying to take your situation in your own hands, you finally crack. Shamed face and a little nervous, you ask God to fix you. Waiting to hear that "I told you so" you lower your head in humbled shame only to realize that the "I told you so" is never said.

Have you ever messed up so bad that you actually AVOIDED praying to God because you just KNEW that you were wrong???

Uh, I've done that.

Actually, I do that a lot!!

When you think about it, it's so stupid! I mean, God saw all the stupid things you did, heard all the stupid things you thought about saying and watched you stray further and further away from Him. Yet, once you realize how stupid you've been, then you decide to ignore Him out of guilt!

The devil is a liar.

I mean, at one point he really had me convinced that there was no point in talking to God about my issues because I was just going to mess up again anyway!

We have to learn to recognize the subtleties of Satan. Seriously. He's a good one cause he tricks me all the time.

Our saving grace in Jesus is that we can come to Him at any time and for any reason. We may still suffer the consequences of our stupid actions, but thank God that it only lasts for a little while, and He restores the joy back in us.

I'm making baby steps in reconciling my relationship with God and let me tell ya, I rest so much easier at night.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalms 147:3


Andre said...

A wise friend (and now fellow blogger) once told me that when it comes to healing, most things are like Tylenol. They only relieve pain; they don't kill the pain. God is the TRUE source of healing. It just becomes a matter of us seeking Him; which is often thwarted when (like you said), barriers of deception are created by both the devil and OURSELVES! We're either convinced (or convince ourselves) that our feats are too overwheming to conquer. All the while, God is patiently waiting for us to 'cast our cares upon Him'.

Nice post, sis!

HeiressChild said...

hi joslyn, i'd try to dot every I and cross every T, and when i didn't, i'd beat myself up, and keep myself down. i've learned thru the years to ease up on myself, and when i mess up, even thru any shame i might have, i go straight to God because like you said, He knows anyway. the difference in us and satan is we can repent and ask for forgiveness and will be forgiven, whereas NOTHING satan can do will ever get him forgivenss and eternal life. ha ha ha ha ha ha

HeiressChild said...

nice cartoon, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jos,
I agree, I like the cartoon...cute.
Yes, God can fix what ever 'AIL' us. We just need to recognize when the devil or satan is trying to trick us into believing that our sins aren't worth asking for forgivness.
We can beat ourselves up all day long, but the only thing for christians to do, is to pray and ask for forgiveness.
I believe in the power of prayer and how the Lord can fix everything that wrong. My father is teaching us to be specific in our no matter what degree of sin you have committed, be specific and ask the Lord to fix I know you have heard that statement (by the way it may not be quoted perfect), but here it goes: when get ahead of God, we have a tendency to mess things'll never put the cart before the horse, it won't work.
This is easier typing than to do, God can heal all pains, he is the only one that can forgives us of our never be ashamed or scared to go to him when we hurt or need healing!!! Oh yeah - never ever be ashamed to go to him, cause like you said, he saw it before it was ever done...he created you, he knows exactly what you're going to do before you even thought of doing it.

Take care and by the way...I still can't make this identity thing work for me...I'm cool being anonymous! Alicia

DnotraAnn said...

Hey Jos!
I tell you cousin every week you just keep getting better and better with the subject lines.

Time nor space will allow me to express my feelings about Jesus being able to heal, mend and fix any ailments that we may have. Whether it be physical, mentally, finacially or spiritually bound He has the answer and the cure!

I've learned that NOTHING comes upon us in this life, and I do mean NOTHING, but what He allows..therefore if He allows it to come upon me, then that means He has the answer.

"If my people which are called by my name, would humble themselves, turn from there wicked ways and seek my face, then will they hear from heaven" that tells us that we have to first give up some things, trust in Him and never ever doubt.

Then we can ask whatever we want and it shall be given!

I get totally excited when I think about all the great things my God is capable of doing.

And you know what else is so good about Him?
Is that what He has done for me, He can do the same thing for you!


DnotraANN said...

Oh Yea,
And another thing, if we continue to prayer and walk close with him He won't allow anything to sneak up on you.

When the enemy is present and about to attack, you will know!

God not only help mend the wounds and see you through, He also prepares you for the battle!


Joslyn said...

Hey Andre!

Thanks for your response! Which reminds me of the new blog that I'm working on....


Heriress: You are sooo right. We become frustrated when we can't be everything that we need to be, so we throw the bathwater AND the baby out!

Hey Cousins!

Thanks for your words of inspiration, because I needed to hear them more than you may know...

DnotraAnn said...

Hello There Joslyn,

It's been a week now and no new topics. But then the last one "Just a Talk With Jesus" should carry each of us for a while.

If you get the chance read this weeks Sunday School topic
"Child of Promise" in the book of Genesis.

It's the familiar story of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac. You know how it goes, both Abraham and Sarah where both of age and beyond child bearing. But just when they thought all hope was gone, God stepped in and put the peices back together again.

Sarah became pregnant at the ripe old age of "90ish" and as God promised gave birth to her son Isaac.

I said that to say this, when we think all hope is gone, that's when God steps in and make things right, by picking up the peices and putting us back together again!

Be Blessed
Until Next Time

HeiressChild said...

hi joslyn, just checking on you. you've been quiet here. hope all is well.

Andre said...

@ Sylvia: Ahhh, she's fine. :p