Tuesday, October 9, 2007

C'mon Jesus.......

Please fix it......


Andre said...

Short and to the point.


Joslyn said...

Thanks, Dre

I know that God is going to fix it and I'm actually quite intrigued by how He's going to fix this one!

Can't wait to post the testimonial

HeiressChild said...

hi joslyn, you've been really on my mind for the past few days, and i kept saying i was going to get over here, and here i am before i get started today. will keep you in my prayers. isn't it great that prayer knows no distance and will reach however far it needs to?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, not sure if you will get back to this one. But yes, short and to the point, but you KNOW like I know, you can not force the Lord to do for you until it is your time.
I'm 43 years old and still waiting on one of my prayers to be answered. LOL

Cousin Lisa