Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm so proud to be his friend.....

Have you ever met someone so amazingly special that you said to yourself, "They still make your kind?" Well, in my life, that's my friend Andre. Ya see, when I got off work this afternoon, I received a text message from a friend stating: "Andre's in the paper for his volunteer efforts in New Orleans!"

Funny, I've talked to Andre almost every single day and he hasn't mentioned a word about it....typical humble Andre!

Well, thank God for online newspapers, because here's his story:


Let me tell you a little about Andre. When you hear that Black men today "ain't about nothin," Andre's the poster man for hope. He has two degrees, one in MATH (Who, other than my sister, Tiffany, gets a degree in MATH!) and one in accounting, and he's currently working on his MBA. He currently works for University of Michigan-Flint as a Project Manager for the Office of Research. Andre's there when you need him and is always a shoulder to cry on. Andre is probably one of the smartest people I know, yet he doesn't like to talk about his accomplishments....matter of fact, you may have to pry it out of him.

Most importantly: he's incredibly humble. Last year during his spring break, Andre visited New Orleans to help in the rebuilding of houses.

Andre, whether you choose to know it or not, you're TRULY one of the best around.

Now, don't make some cheesy comment, Andre (I.E. "I paid Joslyn to write this") just take the compliments!


HeiressChild said...

this is so beautiful joslyn. what a good friend you are for recognizing and honoring andre here. thanx for sharing the link to the article. nic had mentioned it on andre's blog today, and i had asked about it. even though i only know andre thru his blog, you can tell a lot about people thru their words, and he is a really smart and nice person.

Andre said...

*Making my check payable to Joslyn D. as we speak*

It's the account ending in xxxx1234, right?

Andre said...

Oh, by the way: I'm goin' for an MPA (Masters in Public Administration). I tried the MBA and I hated it. And it was general business degree with a concentration in Finance.

Hate to have you print a retraction...

HeiressChild said...

now didn't joslyn say don't make any cheesy comments pertaining to you paying her money? and don't talk about my MBA.

Anonymous said...

I am late to your blog Jos... Your words about your friend are so sincere and wonderful...I guess he is the brother that my Uncle just couldn't make.:)
Keep friends around you that are positive and that are doing something with their lives. No need wasting time on someone who don't amount to a hill of beans!!! Forgot who made that statement, but it fits here.
Good men are hard to find, so when the Lord bless you to have one in your life, hold on tight and never let go. It is rare these days to find YOUNG men who are humble and who make themselves available to other people and who aren't selfish. God is in the blessing business and he has blessed you with a male friend.
Value a mans advice - no matter how difficult it may seem, because if he really cares about you and love you, he will do anything to protect you.
I can go on and on on men...seen plenty of them come and go and I can tell you, when one walks into your life and respect you as a woman, he is someone worth keeping.

Roosevelts child - still can't figure out how to add myself to the username and password... :)

Joslyn said...

Hey all!

Sorry about my late responses,


Yes, Andre is a beautiful person. He doesn't give himself nearly enough credit as he should (which in some ways is good. I'd rather have a humble friend than a conceited one)


Shut up


Yup, Andre is sorta like a brother to me!

Tiffany said...

so...How do I join the "Andre Fan Club". On second thought...I forgot! I'm the VP in charge of Finance and you all haven't paid your dues this month! lol Ps.. Thank you Joslyn for the shout out! Tiffany = Cool

Joslyn said...

Hey Tiff!

Um, you may be the "VP in charge of financing" but I'm the President and Acting secretary of the club and I show that you haven't gone through membership orientation!