Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Whelp, it's all Andre's fault.....


Due to the fact that Andre has a blog, I figured that I should start one too, and steal his fan base!

*Grins evily*

Welcome everyone, intriguing topics soon to come!!!


Andre said...

*Takes a bow*

This is hot in the streets. Can't wait to see what your brain will muster up.

BTW, interesting move to disallow anonymous comments. ;)

Joslyn said...

Actually, I didn't know that I had that feature turned off....I'm learining

Andre said...

Pretty soon, your "legion" of bloggers can get you going. Plus, I can show you a couple of things if you need some help. I'm not a Blogger-master, but I know a couple of tricks.

*Giggling like Homer and running off into the sunset*

Diane J. said...

Hey, Joslyn, and welcome to blogging! From the actual blogging side and not just commenting on blogs, I mean. :-)

I think we've commented on each others' comments several times on Andre's blog. This should be interesting. ;D



HeiressChild said...

hi joslyn, and congratulations on your very own blog. i look forward to being a part of the interesting, stimulating conversation that i know will take place here.

Joslyn said...

Awwww shucks, guys!

Whelp, I'm already working onmy new post so keep looking back!

Joslyn said...


Andre said...


My baby's all growed up.


Maggie said...

You go Cuz,You just told him mature you really are. I am soooooooo proud of you. Yo have just reached the pinnacle of life, everyone goes through that. Lesson learned. Take a shower, and wash that man right down the drain where he belongs. He is not good enough for you. I really would like to see another pic, one that is not so sad.

Joslyn said...

Thanks for stopping by, cuz! Stop by often, as I'll be updating the page often.