Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is Michael Vick Worse Than Us????

Okay, so if anyone knows anything about a Libra, you'll know that a Libra generally tries to look at a story from all sides before they come to a conclusion. I'm sure that everyone knows the story about Michael Vick by now, and if you don't, here's a link to the full story. http://www.postchronicle.com/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi?archive=24&num=92774

Here's what I've been pondering:

Everyone says: "Oh, it's just dog fighting for Christ's sake! It's not that serious! Just another way to keep a good Black man down!"

My take: Do you have any idea what goes on during the breeding process? Let me break it down for you. To breed a certain type of dog, there is actually something called a "rape stand." This stand is used to hold the female dog in place by clamping her head and raising her hind, so that the male dog can impregnate her. Also, once a dog was found to not be aggressive enough, he couldn't just sell the dog, the dog has to die. Not only does the dog have to die, but traditionally it dies in a brutal fashion, by being slammed or shocked or drowned. (Damn, couldn't he just shoot it???)

Yup, there was a rape stand found in Vick's house.

So now you're probably thinking, "Okay, so at least he wasn't killing people! Who cares since no one was hurt!!"

Well, here where it gets tricky..

Ya see, when profiling serial killers, it was found that most serial killers started off torturing animals. So we can't act as if it's no big deal. We have to act on the warning signs....right?

Okay, so flip the script.

I know many women with fur coats. To make the furs, many of these animals (chinchillas, minks, foxes) have their necks broken or are electrocuted.......but it's legal....

Hmmmm, anyone see the correlation here???

If I wear a dead animal, should I be convicted? Are the people who break the necks or do the electrocution of these animals potential serial killers, also? What makes what the fur makers do legal, and what the dog fighting illegal?? Aren't they both used for frivolous reasons?

This is not to excuse Michael Vick from being, what I call, just plain stupid; however, one has to wonder just why he's potentially about to go to prison but the fur makers are walking around.

You're thoughts?


DnotraA said...

Hello There Cousin!

No I wouldn't say Michael Vick is worse than us!

But this is a mighty fine mess he's gotten himself into now.

I believe that certain animals where placed here on earth by God for the food and nourishment and clothing for the human race.
Therefore being put to death becomes necessary.

If only this world would become so involved and concerned about, human suffering, starvation and abuse of all kind, instead of Dog Fighting....what a wonderful world this woul be!

Talk Later
(e st louis, il)

Anonymous said...


Michael Michael Michael.

He got caught up. He had one of those boys in his life that probably convience him "eer thang gonna be alrigh man" instead of that friend that should have told him "slow your roll."
Dog fighting have been going on for years, he just got caught. Its sad when you see people use dogs fight for sport - breed them for sport and discard them when they are all used up. Just like some people....
He made a bad decision.
What I have a problem with is the media making this into a black and white thing...come on now!!! Call it what it is...WRONG - WRONG!!!
One thing I do have a issue with is Peta (am I spelling that right) is that if they turned their attention and energy on what really matters - education our young people on fricking values and teaching them to value all life form. Finding a proper place for each animal on this planet.

Are they as concerned with "chicken fights?"

Roosevelts child

HeiressChild said...

hi joslyn, i've followed this story too, but then it's hard not to since it's forefront in the news. good info in your post. i learned a lot. raping an animal or person is sick, period. i thought about how many people's pets are like a member of their family. can you imagine your family member being put on a rape stand and killed if they don't produce?

i remember in his post last week, andre had mentioned about the wife who killed her pastor husband, yet the only jail time she got was the few months she spent in there before the trial. now she's free. while i don't advocate animal killing for sport, i also don't advocate taking human lives. so the wife gets off for murder, and vick plea bargains to stay out of jail (i guess).

michael vick did do wrong, and he should be punished, but there are a lot more pressing issues in this world to be fought that should be more in the headlines than this.

HeiressChild said...

i mean, really is there any difference between what vick did and what the fur makers do? they both are killing for money.

Joslyn said...

Hey all,

I guess my ultimate point is that if it's wrong, then it should be wrong all across the board. If it's okay, then it needs to be okay all across the board. Fighting dogs and killing animals for fur are BOTH for frivilous reasons. Neither is being used for food or nessecities. Both use tactics to brutally kill animals. If Vick goes to jail, then the fur makers need to be right behind him. What makes one thing lawful, and the other unlawful? No one seems to know that answer.

HeiressChild said...

i think that it should be all across the board, but we know that's not going to happen because of money, racism, sexism, lawyers who get people off, and probably a lot more stuff.

Anonymous said...

It appears that many of you are arguing semantics here. Whether there's a difference between M.Vick & the fur companies, cattle industry, hunters...blahblahblah...has been debated, & will continue to be for a long-time. The bottom line (& the big difference between him & hunters, ranchers, & fur-coat-makers) in this is that M.Vick committed a FELONY. He admitted to it. Is he worse than us? He can run/throw better than all of us combined I'm sure, but I don't know. I'm not willing to state that every felon is a low-life, & is inferior to non-felons...BUT, employers do make a good point as to why they tend not to hire those individuals who check the "YES" box next to to the question "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" on their employment applications.


Joslyn said...


My question is not whether or not he was wrong for what he did. Yes, he committed a felony and yes he was wrong. But my question is WHY is what he did a felony?

Anonymous said...

Yes its wrong in the eyesight of the law. He lied. He told officials that he didn't have ANYTHING to do with the dog fighting - NOTHING.

The reason WHY this such a BIG deal with everyone is because he is "famous." Men and women do things like this everyday. Deer hunting is 'legal' but Poaching is not. No this is not poaching per say, but dogs were killed and it became public when someone snicthed!

You know just like I do that, that people all over are killing animals to make furs and for some reason they didn't get caught...Mike did and he LIED about it!(maybe $$ or knowing the right peopel...I don't know)...I think this is why (beside being famous) that its made out to be such a big deal. Let it had been (really bad english...but you understand) just his boys that had gotten caught...no media - not attention what so ever. Call it what it is...famous BLACK pro ball player...got caught, so lets make it the biggest story next to finding Bin Laden!

You know if it had a been pookie down the street - he would have been arrested and thats it!!!

Roosevelt child

Anonymous said...

This may not have anything to do with anything...but I just read Michael Vicks statement. And I personally feel in my heart that he was sincere.

So I forgive him. He made a bad decesion that has cost him his livelyhood for right now...but I was taught to fogive...so I have.

We all have done some things in our life we are ashamed of...I know I have..and I am thankful to GOD all mighty that no one in the public knew or knows about it.

I know I say in my prayers to if I ever need correcting to never let my enemies see me fall.

We all should say that, so our mistakes would never go public and for the entire world to judge what we have done or are doing.

Roosevelts child

Joslyn said...

Hey Cuz,

I totally agree with you. No matter what, we have to face the throne at some point or another and ask for forgiveness. I'm so glad that God is who He is because if he treated us the way that we treat and judge one another....

*shakes head*

Andre said...

I hate to admit it, but this is more Mike's fault for not recognizing the animal discrimination that exists in this society than anything else. Let me explain:

America has an affinity for certain types of animials, domestic animals most of all. To a lesser extent, Americans are concerned with wild animals that are on the verge of extinction and that are NOT used for industry. They don't pitch as much of a fit about foxes, rabbits, minks, etc because that would spell the end of all fur products. They don't get too excited about apes and gorillas that are killed during diamond mining because that would spell the end of wearing diamond rings. They don't trip about killing deer, poultry, or cows. That would mean that we would have to become vegans. So, hunting non-domestic animals, non-extinct for sport and game are somehow less offensive to Americans than killing dogs or cats. I mean, in most circles you have people who treat their damn dogs better than they treat one another. Vick should've known this. It doesn't make his situation any better given his celebrity status.

I don't personally believe that cruelty against one type of animal should be treated differently than any other types. But that's exactly what happens. So I'm not suprised that the backlash Vick is getting for killing and hurting is different than anybody else's treatment of other animals.